Stigma against persons with HIV in Jamaica has increased - study

A new study has found that stigma against persons living with HIV in Jamaica has increased in the last seven years, with a call now being made for the government to enact anti-discrimination laws.
The situational analysis of "HIV and Access to Justice", was released on Thursday by Jamaica AIDS Support for Life and Jamaicans for Justice.
The report says the 2020 Stigma Index found that of a sample of  500 persons living with HIV, 48 per cent reported experiencing stigma or discrimination at least once in their lifetime.
Thirty-three per cent said they experienced stigma in the last 12 months.
This is a jump from 2013 when 38 per cent of people living with HIV said they experienced stigma or discrimination in their lifetime.
At that time, 15 per cent said they had experienced it in the last 12 months.
It's being recommended that the government enact legislation which provides protection from discrimination on the basis of health status, sexual orientation and gender identity.
Another recommendation is that efforts to train law enforcers and other officials on human rights be scaled up and broadened.

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