Student dies in crash on Sir Florizel Glasspole Highway

A man died in a motor vehicle crash on the Sir Florizel Glasspole Highway in Kingston on Tuesday.
He has been identified as 20 year-old student Shem Cole of Wellington Drive, Kingston 6.
Four other persons, including two student athletes, were injured.
Reports from the Harbour View Police are that about 2:25 p.m., Mr. Cole and the athletes were passengers in a Toyota Corolla when the driver allegedly lost control of the vehicle.
The vehicle hit a median in the vicinity of Caribbean Cement Company and flipped over to the other side of the road, where it was hit by a JUTC bus. 
The occupants of the car were taken to hospital, where Mr. Cole was pronounced dead.
The other persons were admitted in serious condition. 
The driver of the JUTC bus sustained a minor injury to his left leg.

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