Superintendent Leon Clunis dies in hospital

Superintendent Leon Clunis, speaking on Radio Jamaica's 'Hotline' on June 19; as well as Opposition Spokesman on National Security Fitz Jackson and National Security Minister Dr. Horace Chang
Superintendent Leon Clunis, who was one of four members of the Jamaica Constabulary Force shot on June 12 during an operation in Horizon Park, St. Catherine, died Tuesday afternoon.
He was a patient at Kingston Public Hospital, where he was being treated for bullet wounds. Radio Jamaica News understands he was scheduled to be released today.
Superintendent Clunis, Corporal Dane Biggs, Constable Decardo Hylton and another officer were shot by men carrying high powered weapons.
Corporal Biggs and Constable Hylton died in the attack. 
A week after the incident, during an exclusive interview on Radio Jamaica's Hotline with Emily Shields, Superintendent Clunis refuted claims that the early morning raid was not properly planned. He said the officers were surprised by the attack. 
"We planned it properly, but it was based on the intelligence that we were working with. And we had enough persons there. The man just surprised us after we would have done a lot of work in the yard and we were downstairs," he explained. 
Shortly after news broke of Superintendent Clunis' death, Opposition Spokesman on National Security Fitz Jackson expressed regret at his "untimely passing."
Mr. Jackson, who was speaking in the House of Representatives, said the news was a shock because "all of us were of the feeling that he was recovering quite well, and this was the last thing that we would have expected." 
He extended condolences to the family of Superintendent Clunis as well as the police force.   
National Security Minister Dr. Horace Chang, who spoke later on Radio Jamaica's Beyond the Headlines, remembered Superintendent Clunis as "a very strong and capable leader with a high level of integrity" and who was "feared by many on the other side of the law." 

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