Traffic enforcers frustrated with lack of improvement in driver behavior


The officer in charge of Jamaica’s Public Safety and Traffic Enforcement Branch is lamenting that, despite issuing close to 300,000 traffic tickets since January, this method of  enforcement may not be serving as a deterrent to poor driving practices and the consequent high rate of fatalities on the roads.

He contends that there is still too much indiscipline, evident in the many breaches road traffic regulations.

SSP McKenzie told Radio Jamaica News however that his department continues to enforce the law while anticipating that the new Road Traffic Act which will assist the ticketing process.

Jamaica “must be one of the top countries in the world” when it comes to enforcing road traffic laws, consistently issuing more than half a million tickets per year, he said, but conceded that this has not been having the desired effect.

He admitted however that issuing traffic large numbers of traffic tickets “does not necessarily mean that there will automatically be a reduction in fatalities.”

We have to depend on other measures, he said.

He did not specify what those other measures are.




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