Transport Ministry denies head of Toll Authority hired without meeting basic requirements

The Ministry of Transport is denying a media report that the head of the Toll Authority was hired without meeting the basic requirements for the job.
In a media release Monday afternoon, the ministry rejected the story published in the Gleaner as misleading.
The Transport Ministry says Lerone Laing was selected to serve as interim Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Toll Authority in October 2019 for an initial period of six months, following the resignation of the previous CEO.
The ministry says the post was advertised and 10 applications received.
Mr. Laing and another candidate, who was based overseas, were shortlisted.
It says Mr. Laing was considered to be the more suitable of the two given the uncertainty of tenure, as the Toll Authority was slated to be reintegrated into the ministry.
The ministry further declared that Mr. Laing was qualified for the job as he holds a Master's degree in Economics and a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science and had three years' experience at the mid-manager level at the time of his application.
According to the ministry, the minimum requirement was that the candidate should hold a Master's degree in Business Administration or a relevant discipline. 
It argued that Mr. Laing is therefore more than qualified for the position.
The Gleaner has reported that the ministry had informed it that a minimum of 10 years' working experience in a senior management position, inclusive of experience in the management of concession agreements or a major infrastructure facility, was required.
The newspaper also noted that the post was only advertised once and no interviews were conducted for the post.
The ministry has insisted that the fact that Mr. Laing served as advisor to the Minister of Transport and Mining from March 2018  to September 2019, has nothing to do with him getting the job.

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