Tufton defends stewardship of Health Ministry amid calls for his resignation

Dr. Christopher Tufton
Dr. Christopher Tufton has defended his stewardship as Health Minister in the wake of calls by the Parliamentary Opposition for his removal from the post. 
Speaking at a media briefing Tuesday morning, Opposition Spokesman on Health Dr. Morais Guy cited what he says has been gross mismanagement of the health portfolio.
He pointed to the shortage of bed space in hospitals, longer waiting hours at health facilities and the ministry's response to the dengue outbreak.
Responding in an interview with RJR News, Dr. Tufton said he did not "know of an Opposition giving advice to the Prime Minister as to what his Cabinet should look like." 
"I'm sure the Prime Minister will respond accordingly in terms of his own mandate to lead the country. I serve at his pleasure and so far, I believe, we are working together as a team to deal with this. You would have heard him announce in parliament recently his own contribution through the Christmas programme to deal with the dengue issue. Whatever I do, we do as a collective in terms of the Cabinet of Jamaica, chaired by the honourable Prime Minister," he asserted.  
Dr. Tufton, who concluded that the call for his resignation was a rhetoric of the "silly season", declared that he would not allow it to become a distraction. 

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