Two ex-gang members turn state witnesses in Clansman gang trial

A prosecutor in the Clansman gang trial
Two former members of the Spanish Town-based One Don Gang have turned state witnesses and are scheduled to start testifying on Tuesday at the Clansman gang trial.
The One Don gang is a splinter of the Clansman Gang, which is also based in Spanish Town.
The two witnesses will give testimony via video link.
The Clansman gang trial commenced on Monday in the Home Circuit Court amid tight security.
The proceedings were streamed live.
The court heard that the prosecution will rely on forensic, digital and biological evidence as it seeks to convict the alleged leader of the gang, Andre "Blackman" Bryan, and his 32 accomplices, including a woman.
When the proceedings got underway, Mr. Bryan and his co-accused pleaded not guilty to being a part of a criminal organisation and other charges.
They are being tried under the so called 'anti-gang' legislation and the Firearms Act.
The prosecution on Monday afternoon outlined the operations of the Clansman gang and the role each member played. 
It outlined that the gang "executed serious offences such as murder and arson in the furtherance of their mandate." 
The prosecution told the court that several of the accused operated as "footmen" and were responsible for "ensuring that the murders that were ordered by Mr. Andre Bryan were executed to plan, and also to collect extortion monies that were then accredited to the gang's treasury."
The court also heard that the lone female accused was the link between gangsters and rogue members of the Jamaica Constabulary Force. 
The prosecution said the woman "held the esteemed position of serving as a liaison officer between the incarcerated members of the gang and those that were free." 
She was also accused of being responsible for "securing legal representation for any member of the gang that may so need one."
Another accused, known as 'Chemist' was said to be an arms dealer and firearms specialist who would fix and modify any firearm that the gang owned.  
The prosecution will rely on the evidence of 42 witnesses to prove its case.
The Chief Justice has issued media guidelines for the coverage of the Clansman gang trial that include prohibiting the publishing and broadcast of the particulars of civilian witnesses such as names and identification.
The names of prosecutors should also not be published or broadcast.

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