Two wanted for murder of police constable in St. James

Detectives from the St. James Police Division have listed two men as wanted for Sunday's shooting of Constable Sheldon Murray.  
A news release issued late Monday afternoon by the police identified the men as 23 year-old Brandon Stora, otherwise called Cha Cha, of the Paradise Housing Scheme in Norwood in St. James and Steve Earle alias PedroMonster, Forehead and Shane, of Hendon, Norwood.  
Both men are being asked to turn themselves in to the Montego Bay Police by midday on Tuesday.  
Shortly after 9 o'clock Sunday morning, Constable Murray, who is attached to the St. James Police Division, was visiting a friend in Hendon, when armed men invaded the yard.  This led to an exchange of gunfire between the cop and the men.  
In a bid to elude the gunmen, the constable ran into a shop for refuge. However, he was chased by the men, and during another exchange of gunfire, was shot in the chest.   
The gunmen then fled the scene.

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