Uchence Wilson, co-convicts to be sentenced on Wednesday

Uchence Wilson and eight members of his gang will be sentenced on Wednesday. 
The sentence hearing began Monday. 
The men's attorneys pleaded for leniency. 
They noted that the men are fathers and asked for a sentence that would allow them to participate in the rearing of their children. 
Wilson was convicted on ten charges including being the leader of a criminal organisation. 
The other eight men were found guilty of being part of a criminal gang among other charges.
They are Fitzroy Scott, Stephenson Bennett, Machel Goulbourne, Michael Lamont, Derron Taylor, Lanworth Geohagen, Sheldon Christian and Odeen Smith. 
Prosecutors accused the nine men of carrying out robberies, shootings and other serious crimes in various parishes between 2015 and 2017, which netted them $400 million.

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