UK prime minister promises revised trade measures to benefit Commonwealth

Janella Precius reports from the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting in Kigali, Rwanda
UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson on Thursday promised a raft of revised trade measures to benefit countries of the Commonwealth.
With trade barriers a complaint of business interests seeking to capitalise on opportunities throughout the 54-member association, the UK prime minister made a bold declaration which is seen as a game changer. 
Mr. Johnson announced a new "preferential trade system" for 65 developing countries, including Rwanda and 17 other Commonwealth members.
He said the system would get rid of "pointless tariffs... that cost more to collect than the revenues you get from them" - a move which would make it easier for Commonwealth countries to benefit. 
Additionally, British international investment will be pumping £160 million into hydropower in Africa. 
“Why I feel so strongly about the Commonwealth is it's not just about the imports and the exports. It's about the partnerships that we build. It's about doing more together to ensure that everyone prospers from the new green industrial revolution," Mr. Johnson touted. 
He was speaking at the close of a business forum ahead of the special meeting of the Heads of Government on Friday.

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