UK support for Johnson Smith's candidacy did not cause vote backlash, Morgan claims


Information Minister Robert Morgan has responded to questions about the role of UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson in Kamina Johnson Smith's bid for the post of Secretary-General of the Commonwealth.

He has declared that Jamaica is not in the pocket of the Johnson administration.

Last month in the heat of the campaign Mr. Johnson publicly endorsed Mrs Johnson Smith's bid.

The concern was raised in sections of the British media that the endorsement came with the price of  the UK becoming the architect of  Jamaica's campaign.

Mr Morgan does not agree, asserting on Friday that this has not been his observation.

Furthermore, he argued, Jamaica has practiced a consistent foreign policy, across administrations, “where we have supported our friends – and the UK is a friend of Jamaica – and we have not supported our friends.”

“Foreign policy is a continuum; it’s not an event, and in any action that you do in foreign policy you may have positive and negative outcomes,” he added, while speaking on Radio Jamaica’s Beyond the Headlines.

But he stressed that, he saw no evidence that the UK’s support of Jamaica’s candidate had a negative impact on the outcome.



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