US Embassy prohibits staff from travelling to certain sections of Jamaica

The US government has issued a security alert prohibiting its personnel from travelling to sections of Jamaica.
The advisory, which was issued on Wednesday, says because of the sharp increase in shootings and gun related violence over the last two weeks in August Town, St. Andrew, US government personnel should not travel to the area.  
The US Embassy in Kingston is also advising Americans that United States government personnel are prohibited from travelling to other areas, using public buses, and driving outside of prescribed areas of Kingston at night.
In Kingston, the no-travel areas include: Cassava Piece, Mountain View Avenue between Deanery Road and Windward Road, south of Half Way Tree and Old Hope Road, Trench Town, Tivoli Gardens, Denham Town and Arnett Gardens.
Some of the other areas are Grants Pen, Standpipe, Duhaney Park, Olympic Gardens, Cockburn Gardens and Seaview Gardens.
US government personnel have also been told not to travel to Clarendon except passing through the parish using the T1 and A2 highways.
The prohibited areas in St. Catherine include Spanish Town and Central Village and areas in Portmore including Old Braeton, Naggo Head, Newland, and Waterford.
In St. James, the Americans have been advised not to travel to neighbourhoods in Montego Bay including Flanker, Norwood, Glendevon, Paradise Heights, Rose Heights, Canterbury, and parts of Mount Salem.
US government personnel have also been told to use caution when walking or driving at night and not to physically resist any robbery attempt.
The advisory said they should stay alert in locations frequented by tourists and review their personal security plans.

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