Vershon blames publicist for "erroneous" claim he was denied entry into Bermuda

Jamaican reggae singer Vershon has confirmed that he was not barred from entering Bermuda 10 days ago after a show he was due to appear in was cancelled, putting the blame on his publicist, the latest salvo in a war of words.
The Jamaican entertainer has now apologised to the government and people of Bermuda for a statement he said was erroneously issued by his publicist last week.
The 28 year old performer said he had been contracted to perform at the BDA Summer Music Festival at Snorkel Park in Dockyard on August 3.
He said he and his party had arrived at John F. Kennedy International Airport, in New York, on August 2 for a connecting flight to Bermuda. 
But he told the website that it was there that he was advised by telephone that the show had been cancelled because of  last-minute problems.
The singer's publicist said at the weekend that an earlier press release which said Vershon had been denied entry as a tourist at Bermuda's L.F. Wade International Airport on August 2 was issued at the direction of his client.
Three other Jamaican artistes due to perform at the cancelled show were allowed into Bermuda as tourists.

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