Water supply issues worsen in Corporate Area

NWC President Mark Barnett
Water supply problems in the Corporate Area are worsening as the National Water Commission (NWC) struggles to keep up with repairs to its systems due to major road projects.
The NWC on Friday reported that its teams have been working 24 hours daily to repair damaged pipelines on Constant Spring Road.
NWC President Mark Barnett said at least four major breaks occurred last week along the thoroughfare, which forced the company to shutdown its plant. 
This resulted in several customers in the Corporate Area being without water. 
In recent days, NWC customers in several Corporate Area communities have been complaining about the lack of water.
Mr. Barnett has set a March timeline for replacement of a major pipe line recently damaged along the Mandela Highway.
The transmission main, which is located in the vicinity of Ferry, supplies five million gallons of water to the Corporate Area daily. 
In the meantime, Mr. Barnett addressed concerns about water bills in light of some customers in the Corporate Area having little or no water.
"If you are on a fixed estimate, it would be the same charged that you are accustomed to... If we are one meters...your meter will reflect what you get through the pipe, and so that is what you'll be billed for," he said.  

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