Wearing masks - up to discretion of individuals - says CMO

The health ministry says the decision to wear face masks to protect against contracting covid-19 is up to the discretion of  individuals.

However, Chief  Medical Officer Jacquiline Bisasor-McKenzie says while wearing masks can be helpful they also present risks.

She says persons who choose to wear masks should be very careful.

“Wearing a mask continuously is uncomfortable and you must avoid touching and adjusting the mask, as if it is contaminated, you will contaminate your hands and affect yourself and others. If it is contaminated, it must be discarded … not rub or touch your mask after touching the mask. Discard the mask if it becomes soiled or moist….”

The ministry has recommended the wearing of  masks by persons who are ill with coughing and sneezing; persons who are quarantined or isolated at home and household members who care for these persons; and persons who are at high risk of  developing severe illness and complications.

Persons who have had COVID-19 and have been discharged from hospital should wear a mask for two weeks.


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