Woman taking legal action against American Airlines after being told to cover her outfit

Dr. Tisha Rowe speaking with ABC reporter Charly Edsitty
A Houston doctor travelling from Jamaica to Miami who was prevented from boarding an American Airlines flight because she was wearing a romper is taking legal action against the company.
Dr. Tisha Rowe told ABC reporter Charly Edsitty that she believes the incident was due to the fact that she is black.
"I strongly believe race played a role and it's hard to articulate for people who aren't African American women what it feels to be a double minority," she said.
Dr. Rowe said she was taken from the plane and told she would have to cover herself in a towel in order to re-board the flight. 
She now has an attorney and is considering legal action, demanding changes be made to the companies dress code. 
American Airlines has apologised to Dr. Rowe and refunded her travel costs. 

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