Comfort and Faith in the face of Coronavirus Crisis

Reverend Stephen Mullings and Earl Moxam, host of That's a Rap


Reverend Stephen Mulings, Superintendent Minister for the Lyndhurst Methodist Circuit, is urging fellow Christians to obey the restrictions on church gatherings imposed by the government in the face of the coronavirus crisis.

The current restrictions limit public gatherings to a maximum of ten persons. This has radically affected how churches organize worship services and other group activities, with many of them resorting to online options for corporate worship and stay connected otherwise.
Reverend Mullings, speaking on Sunday with Earl Moxam, host of Radio Jamaica's weekly news review show, That's a Rap, said obeying the strictures imposed by the government was the right thing to do, in keeping with biblical authority. He also said the new circumstances present an opportunity for church leaders and their members to be innovative and to share experiences across denominations.
The interview was conducted in light of the special significance of Easter on the Christian calendar, this time coinciding with global restrictions on the movement and gathering of people, occasioned by the coronavirus pandemic.
Reverend Mullings acknowledged that "Easter is the centre of the Christian faith... really the most important time of celebration in the Christian calendar, which forms the foundation actually on which the Christian faith is built," but acknowledged that this year "there's a lot of pain and turmoil and suffering," even as he sought to bring them comfort in keepign with the tenets of his faith.
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