Cholera resurfaces in Haiti

Health officials in Haiti confirmed on Sunday the death of at least seven people in what has been described as the surprise return of cholera. 
According to Laure Adrien, General Director of Haiti's Ministry of Health,  officials are still  struggling to get pertinent information from hospitals.
Mr Adrien said there was one death from the water borne disease during the day on Sunday. 
The Health Ministry earlier confirmed one case in the Port-au-Prince area as well as reports of suspected cases in the town of Cite Soleil outside the capital. 
Cholera, is typically spread by water contaminated with the feces of a sick person and causes uncontrollable diarrhea.
In 2010 the  disease killed about 10 thousand people in Haiti, in an outbreak that was blamed on a United Nations peacekeeping force. 
This latest outbreak follows a report by the Pan American Health Organization, stating that Haiti had gone a year with no confirmed cholera case.

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