Haiti gang leader says fuel distribution can resume as blockade ends

Haitian gang leader Jimmy "Barbecue" Cherizier said yesterday that fuel trucks can approach the Varreux terminal without fear for their safety, days after police broke up a blockade that had halted fuel distribution for nearly two months.

The G9 coalition of gangs led by Cherizier in mid-September dug trenches and put up barricades at the entrance to Varreux, leading to crippling fuel shortages and creating a humanitarian crisis as Haitians struggled to find food and water.

In a video circulating online Cherizier said once again, the drivers and employees of the Varreux terminal can come down without fear as they have decided to allow for the gas to be released.

Haiti's police on Friday said they had retaken control of the terminal after confronting the gangs in the area.

Heavy shooting continued on Saturday, said one source familiar with the situation, adding things had calmed down on Sunday.

It was still not evident when fuel would begin flowing.

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