Oxfam America urges new oil producing nations to protect their people from unscrupulous energy companies

Oxfam America, a transparency watchdog group, is advising Guyana and other new entrants in the global oil industry to take note and urgently implement mechanisms to protect their people.
Oxfam America's advice comes in the context of examining the extent to which many African oil-producing nations have been used and abused by oil companies and their sub-contractors and/or related parties.
According to the global research group, all governments have a right to know how their oil money is being used by companies to cover project costs. 
Oxfam warned however that companies often seek out various ways and means to prevent host countries and their relevant authorities from knowing too much.
Oxfam, in a report titled 'Examining the Crude Details' - said companies tend to look for loopholes in agreements signed with nations or even weaknesses in a country's legislative framework which they can exploit to keep what they are spending hidden from scrutiny

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