StVG highlights adverse impact of US guns, ammunition on Latin America, Caribbean

St. Vincent & The Grenadines on Monday urged the United States to do more to curb the easy access of illegal weapons and their flow into Latin America and the Caribbean.
Prime Minister Dr. Ralph Gonsalves highlighted the availability of guns manufactured in the United States and violence associated with the illegal drug trade as the main causes for the high rate of murders in some Latin American and Caribbean countries.
Dr. Gonslaves said the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States is to meet later this month to discuss the issue.
He said a draft resolution to be discussed acknowledges that, while the region represents eight per cent of the world's population, it experiences 37 per cent of the world's homicide mostly caused by firearms that have been manufactured or distributed in the United States and trafficked within the region.
Jamaica has recently been highlighting this problem in its own appeal for something to be done about the movement of arms and ammunition into the country.
Prime Minister Andrew raised the issue with officials of the US Justice Department and the FBI during a recent trip to that country.

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