Mom, the thought of you gone is still unbelievable and forever will be. For eight years after dad passed, I depended on you and we got so close. We shared laughter and tears when I needed a shoulder to cry on. A precious memory that I will never forget is how you tried to teach me the value of money by telling me your first car back in the day was over $7,000. And I would laugh myself to tears at how times have changed to now; or even laughing at how much taller I was. You loved me for me and I never failed to tell you how much I loved you too. Every phone call, no matter how many times a day, ended with ‘I love you’. No matter the situation, even when we would bicker, I never once stopped loving you and I wish I could express how blessed I was to have you in my life. You were my number one supporter, my friend to sit and chat and gossip with, and a loving and devoted mother.

Now I must use all your lessons as I take on the world at a tender age. I may not have you around to talk to after a stressful day, but I will always have you in my heart. This process will be really hard, but I can only hope I can be as strong and beautiful as you were. I can’t imagine living without you. Now, I must live my life by example of both you and dad. “Morgan is great, Morgan is bright and Morgan is beautiful”- I will forever hear your voice saying these words, especially when I may need it most.