Dorraine Samuels, OD – The Doyen Of Jamaican Radio Dorraine Samuels, with her signature voice of authority and calm, warmed our hearts for almost 40 years in which she reshaped the Jamaican broadcast media landscape.

Undoubtedly, she affected the lives of so many who grew up listening to her mellifluous, sound on radio where she naturally held court as a singular presence both of local media and Radio Jamaica (RJR) which anchored her illustrious career.

From the time she entered our homes, hearts and minds on the Sunday Magazine show on RJR, before waking us up for school and work on Jamaica Today, and more recently pacing our pastimes on Dorraine’s Coffee Break, Dorraine’s voice was the time piece for the morning journey reminding us if we were early or late.

We wanted to linger with her on radio and happily we were given another medium as for the past 15 years we readily enjoyed her company in equally professional presentations of the nightly news on Television Jamaica (TVJ).

Excellence has been the hallmark of Dorraine Samuels’ tenure, in a calling spanning four decades in media. Many Jamaicans, who have never met Dorraine, felt her love through the airwaves, and welcomed her like a close confidante and friend. I recall mornings listening to the radio and smiling at a joke or two shared between the special team of Dorraine and Alan Magnus with their unmistakable style of camaraderie and comedy. For us, the listeners, they were like family – Uncle Alan and Aunty Do.

In my own personal interactions with Dorraine, I found her to be a warm, welcoming woman of substance, a true Jamaican Woman, and a real exemplar who characterized the best of our culture.

We celebrate as a nation her sincerity, integrity and unparalleled contribution to broadcast media and recall that for her quintessential contribution to nationhood in this field, Dorraine received the National Honour of the Order of Distinction in 1999.

Though Dorraine’s remarkable contribution will be greatly missed, Jamaica is justly proud of her significant record in media, and her children can be proud of the distinct legacy she has left behind.

Jamaica has lost an icon of unquestioned character, passion and compassion, zeal and grace in Dorraine Samuels, OD. She possessed an endearing and enduring spirit and personality, effortlessly crossing multiple media platforms literally programming herself positively into our lives.

On behalf of my family, the Government and the people of Jamaica, I extend our deepest sympathies to her children, extended family, and the entire media fraternity, especially the RJR GLEANER Communications Group.