Long before I met Dorraine, over 25 years ago, a poster of her on a billboard along Constant Spring Road influenced me in naming my first child; Dorraine. The name was the closest I could find to mine, Dorian.

As fate would have it, approximately 9 years ago I joined the Team in the RJR Sales & Marketing Department. Over the period, I sold most of the features in the Programme Dorraine’s Coffee Break. This was an easy “sell,” as Dorraine also produced her show making the features personalized to the sponsors.  During interviews, the clients were at ease due to Dorraine’s easy going approach. Dorriane was always well prepared with supporting information on the particular product and company, which was pleasing to the clients.

Even though her show was initially for an hour, the Outside Broadcasts with Dorraine, were also well sought after, given her professional and personalized approach. Eventually, in the last couple of years, her show time was increased to one and a half (1½) hours.  I think this was a testament to the quality of her work, hence the high demand to be associated with her despite the already full sponsorship of the features in the hour long program.

The last project in which I worked with Dorraine, was the Cross Country Road Show in Portland on 2 March 2019. There Dorraine was as usual; very professional yet personal. She helped me through the interview, as the representative for that region. While there, we got some time to chat during which she introduced me to her sister and friends. I could not have imagined that would have been our last encounter.

Rest in peace, my colleague and friend.