Dorraine Samuels was who I wanted to be as a young broadcaster. When I was scheduled for my very first shift at Capital Stereo (am I dating myself?) although I’d had some measure of voice and speech training, I had no idea how to do “personality” radio. I used to listen to Dorraine and I liked the way she made me feel. She brought a gentle, upbeat beat happiness with smooth professionalism. And I decided that’s what I wanted to be.

I tuned in to her whenever she was on. I studied her inflections, her phrasing, her pronunciation. I tried to figure out how she managed to always sound so warm and friendly and realized I had to cultivate it within myself. Then I actually got to know her, first it was always a warm greeting along the corridors and then she saved me a few times from complete humiliation. I’ll never forget once in studio; I was so very confident in my incorrect pronunciation of ‘LaGuardia’. She corrected me so gently but firmly. That was the beginning of several other corrections.

I know it’s cliché but truly I am because Dorraine Samuels was. She influenced many of us who came up in the 80s. Thank you Dorraine. You’ve left a legacy beyond your wildest dreams.