Boldon warns athletes to brace for heavy schedule over the next 4 years

Voice of international track & field analyst Ato Boldon

International track and field commentator and analyst, Trinidadian Ato Boldon says athletes should brace for a heavy track and field schedule in the next four years due to the postponement of the Tokyo Olympic Games. 
The International Olympic Committee (IOC) announced on Tuesday that the 2020 Games in Tokyo will now take place no later than the summer of 2021.

But with the World Athletics Championships scheduled for the United States in 2021, organizers are now faced with the decision of delaying it to accommodate the Olympic Games. Boldon though believes the international calendar will not return to normal at least for the next 5 years.

“It means that we may be in for four championship years in a row. We know that the summer Olympics are going to be in 2021. I think they are going to push the World Championships over to 2022 which means that it then conflicts with the Commonwealth Games and the World Cup, and then we get back on stream with the regular schedule of 2023 World Championships and 2024 Olympics in Paris,” reasoned Boldon.



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