Claims and counter-claims about leadership of URTA

Report by RJRGLEANER Communications Group Sports Reporter Denise Walters

Former president of the United Racehorse Trainers Association (URTA), Richard Todd is claiming that he is back as the head of the association, and is dismissing the contents of a letter circulating that he's trying to overthrow current president Ryan Darby.

In the meantime, Darby is assuring that he remains president of the URTA, despite claims to the contrary by Todd.

Darby adds that if Todd wants to form a group outside of the URTA, once it doesn't affect the association, it's not his problem.

Todd says he has sought legal advice, regarding claims circulating that he has ousted Darby.

Meanwhile, Darby says a URTA election will be called soon.

The Jamaica Racing Commission (JRC) on Wednesday, told Radio Jamaica Sports that it's in receipt of a letter and a response will follow shortly.

General Manager Richard Longmore indicated that the commission usually does not practice intervening in the voting rights of membership associations.

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