FIFA conducts another audit of JFF

Voice of JFF president Michael Ricketts

President of the Jamaica Football Federation Michael Ricketts has confirmed that auditiors from football's world governing, FIFA, is currently in Jamaica carrying another audit. This comes as the JFF awaits the second half of prize monies from this summer's Women's World Cup in France.

“It’s not unique to the JFF because there are some other countries that are being audited. They just randomly select some countries and they are being audited  right now. I know for sure that they had some issues with how we disbursed in relation to paying per diem in cash and they insisted that this must change. It took a little while to get the process corrected,” said Ricketts.

Ricketts also opened up about the difficulties his executive face in trying to meet the request of the technical staff for more assistance and  money owed to the women's coaches among other areas.


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