FIFA removes "corruption" from Code of Ethics

FIFA has removed the word corruption from its updated Code of Ethics and inserted a defamation clause which effectively prohibits officials from publicly speaking out against the organization. The word only featured twice in the previous 2012 ethics code, as a header and as a note regarding time limitation, but the controversial move comes at a time when FIFA is desperately trying to repair its image following the widespread corruption scandal.

It’s likely to be subjected to criticism after numerous FIFA officials were indicted by the United States Department of Justice and banned from any involvement in football for life by the ethics committee. FIFA president Gianni Infantino has continually insisted that the organization under his leadership is a democracy and not a dictatorship, but the decision to give the ethics committee the opportunity to ban officials for defamation casts doubt on that assertion.

"Persons bound by this code are forbidden from making any public statements of a defamatory nature towards FIFA and/or towards any other person bound by this code in the context of FIFA" the ethics code says.



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