Medical expert calls for resumption of competitive sport locally

Report by RJRGLEANER Communications Group Sports Reporter Jordan Forte

Consultant neurosurgeon Dr Roger Hunter has made a radical call for all competitve sport to return on the island amidst the ongoing community spread of COVID-19. Dr Hunter is singing a different tune from a number of his colleagues, saying the Jamaican government has missed a trick in not having competitive sport being played on the island.

The spinal surgeon who has lectured and taught at the University of the West Indies, Leeds University and The University of Liverpool, says it is counterproductive on the part of the government to stop competitive sport.

The internationally accomplished neurologist insists that the country missed an opportunity to benefit financially from welcoming sports persons from cold countries to train and compete in Jamaica since the outbreak of the virus.

There has been limited competitve sporting events staged in Jamaica since the first case of the virus was confirmed on the island in March.


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