More drama in dispute involving JTTA presidential candidates

Report by RJRGLEANER Communications Group Sports Reporter Jordan Forte

It appears there may have to be further intervention in the dispute involving the presidential candidates for the Jamaica Table Tennis Association (JTTA). Two different election dates and affiliates lists were voted on at separate Special General Meetings (SGM) on Saturday.

Incumbent president Lothian received a unanimous vote of confidence from the 18 members present at that meeting but while that was going on, a separate meeting involving presidential challenger Andrew Lue moved a vote of no- confidence against Lothian.

30 of the 32 members at the meeting at the National Arena voted no-confidence against the incumbent with one voting in confidence and one abstaining.

The impasse surrounding the list of affiliates remains, as Lothian is still insistent on adding two associations, while the members at Lue's meeting signed off on the curernt list of 44.

As for the next Annual General Meeting (AGM), those in attendance at Lothian's meeting voted for a date of February 27, while those at Lue's meeting voted in favour of a February 6 date.



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