Paralympic association president bats for road tennis

Voice of Jamaica Paralympic Association president Christopher Samuda

President of the Jamaica Paralympic Association Christopher Samuda says road tennis has positive implications for sports tourism in Jamaica.

Road tennis which combines aspects of tennis and table tennis, is new to and was launched on the weekend. 

Samuda who is also general secretary of the Jamaica Olympic Association (JOA) says the format should be given an opportunity to flourish in Jamaica.

"Sports tourism has tremendous potential in road tennis and if we play our cards right in this game, it can evolve into a revenue earner for the national economy. The game positions the spectators near to the action so that they breathe and feel the emotions of the game," said Samuda.

Jamaica participated in the individual event at the World Championship staged in Barbados last November with Jon Pierre Daley finishing third in the open men's class and Kimberly Hamilton of Spring Village finishing in the top ten.



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