PLCA to get international expertise advice

Report by RJRGLEANER Communications Group Sports Reporter Daniel Blake

The Premier League Clubs Association (PLCA) could soon be getting advice from former executive chairman of the English Premier League (EPL), Richard Scudamore who is expected to arrive on the island in September. Having taken up the position of chairman at the PLCA, one of Mike Henry's plans is to restructure the Premier League.

His first move is to invite Scudamore, the man who is credited for creating the new English Premier League, to Jamaica where he will outline the English structure and how the model could best be used in Jamaica. But Henry says following the EPL structure doesn't necessarily mean doing so to the letter.

Merchandising is another area that Henry says the PLCA could tap into, one that saw the EPL earning $8.4 billion under Scudamore. Henry will also be engaging the Jamaican Government in making the clubs land owners. The Premier League is set to kick off on September 1.

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