Presidential challenge turns into legal battle at JRFU

Voice of former JRFU presidential challenger Jade Harrison

Former challenger Jade Harrison who was contending to be the next chairman of the Jamaica Rugby Football Union (JRFU) is seeking to have Wednesday evening's Annual General Meeting (AGM) declared null and void after not being able to run against current chairman Jerry Benzwick.

This follows a release from the union on Wednesday morning stating that the positions that Harrison and Conroy O'Mally who was preparing to run for the role of vice-chair had been rescinded.

The JRFU says this was done as both gentlemen did not receive seconded nominations for the AGM.

But Harrison is now taking legal action to try and have the AGM  declared null and void on constitutional grounds.

Radio Jamaica Sports reached out to incumbent chairman, Jerry Benwzick for a comment but his phone went unanswered and he did not reply to our messages.

Benzwick and Keisha-Ann Down will now lead the union until the summer of 2024.



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