Rodman contemplates switching to para cycling

Voice of national cycling coach Carlton Simmonds

Cyclist Marloe Rodman who up to recently, was the nations flag bearer in the sport could be turning his attention to para cycling. RJR Sports has learnt that Rodman who was involved in a motor cycle crash two years ago in St Catherine, might not be able to compete in able bodied cycling again due to the damage he sustained to one of his hands in the accident.

National cycling coach Carlton Simmonds gave an update on Rodman. “Marloe is still recuperating from that (accident); there’s the court case which is still happening but he’s in good spirit and is still on the bike now and then so we are hoping for the best where that is concerned. (Para cycling) is a conversation he’s looking into to see how he could fit into that space so we’ll see how that pans out,” said Simmonds.

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