Sports Psychologist advises athletes about Covid-related financial and emotional fears

Report by RJRGLEANER Communications Group Sports Reporter Denise Walters

With the ongoing instability in the sporting world due to the Covid-19 coronavirus, sports psychologist Dr Olivia Rose-Esperance says it's natural for athletes to have fears about the future. Dr Rose-Esperance also believes the postponement of the biggest sporting event, the 2020 Olympic Games, adds to that fear.

2020 was earmarked for the summer Olympics and athletes across sporting disciplines would have been looking forward to competing and doing well in a bid to negotiate new or renegotiate existing contracts. With the postponement of the Olympics, Dr Rose-Esperance says athletes will be affected financially and or emotionally.

She adds that all of these experiences together will not only impact the athletes, but those around them. The sports psychologist is advising athletes to have positive outlets as part of their coping mechanisms. The Tokyo Olympic Games has been pushed back to July 23 to August 8 2021.

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