Sports psychologist urges Ministry of Sports to supoport inactive athletes

Report by RJRGLEANER Communications Group Sports Reporter Denise Walters

Sports psychologist Dr Oolivia Rose-Esperance is urging the Ministry of Sports to employ a team of psychologists to check up on Jamaican athletes who should have been in competition and are missing out on several opportunities. This is due to the cancellation or postponement of several events and competitions due to the spread of the Covid 19 coronavirus. 

Dr Rose Esperance believes help should be provided for local senior and junior athletes along with other support staff in the sporting world to help cope with mental health and emotional issues, because of changes brought to their lives as a result of the coronavirus.

She explains that sports is more than a job for any number of athletes as they also use it as a means to deal with other facets of life. She has also implored athletes with busy schedules to look at some of the positives at this time such as spending time with families and make preparations for when they become active in the sporting world again.

Dr Rose-Esperance also wants athletes to stay focussed in the moment and not cause any hindrance to future opportunities for themselves.



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