Sunshine Girl Sterling in full support of newly-appointed coach

Voice of Sunshine Girl Shamera Sterling

Top Sunshine Girls defender Shamera Sterling is in full support of Connie Francis being appointed head coach of the senior Sunshine Girls team. Sterling who was speaking on Hitz 92 FM's Sports Grill on Thursday, said Francis brings a level of confidence to the team and players as well as administration will have to show more respect to her.

“She’s a person you can’t really bully; she asks for what she wants so I think she’s a coach that will speak for us and show the association what the players want. If what we want is not being given to us, then she’s a coach that will stand up for us, so we are happy to have her on board and to know that she will be there for a while,” she reasoned.

Meanhwile, Sterling added that changes must be made in the boardroom to improve the transition and evolution of the sport. She has questioned the selection process of the team which results in the same core of players being selected.

“Each time we get new players into the team, it always ends up that the players don’t get picked for a series or championship, they don’t look to return and that is the issue with Netball Jamaica. There are a set of girls that say hey we are not leaving but now we are tired of how we are being treated by Netball Jamaica,” said Sterling.


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