Veterinary Services Division refutes claims of viral outbreak at Caymanas Park

Report by RJRGLEANER Communications Group Sports Reporter Spencer Darlington

The Veterinary Services Division (VSD) in the Ministry of Agriculture is refuting reports indicating the outbreak of a virus among the horse population at Caymanas Park.

Ssixteen runners on the Ash Wednesday programme were declared late non-starters with 15 of them announced as being sick.

Further checks by Rdio Jamaica Sports with several trainers and a consultant veterinarian revealed that some horses were refusing the pellet type of feed and showing elevated temperature levels.

However, they were said to be taking grass, hay and water.
An announcement on the  public address system during the Ash Wednesday programme said a virus within the horse population at Caymanas Park had affected a number of the entries for this Saturday's programme, resulting in this meet being rescheduled for next Wednesday.

However, in a press release on Friday, the Veterinary Services Division said as far as it is aware, there has been no confirmation of any outbreak of a viral disease at Caymanas Park at this time.

The release added that the VSD is not aware of any laboratory results confirming the presence of any virus affecting horses at Caymanas Park at this time and that it will await results of samples submitted prior to making any pronouncement of an infection.
 In the meantime, the Veterinary Services Division says it will be working closely with Supreme Ventures Racing and Entertainment Limited (SVREL), the Jamaica Racing Commission (JRC), respective equine veterinarians, owners, trainers and other relevant stakeholders to monitor the investigative and diagnostic processes in order to determine the possible cause of the ongoing events at Caymanas Park and to advise stakeholders and the general public accordingly.

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