Wolmer's part company with track and field coach Danny Hawthorne

Report by RJRGLEANER Communications Group Sports Reporter Spencer Darlington

Radio Jamaica Sports has been reliably informed that Wolmer's Boys School and veteran track and field coach Danny Hawthorne have parted company.

After four years in charge of the Wolmer's Boys track and field programme, Hawthorne and the Heroes' Circle-based school have apparently severed ties.

When contacted by Radio Jamaica Sports on Thursday, Hawthorne refused to go into details, only saying that the Wolmer's Boys principal Dwight Pennycooke probably wants to take the programme in a different direction and maybe he wasn't a part of the principal's plans.

In the meantime, our sources have informed us that the MVP Track Club has taken over the track and field programme at Wolmer's Boys.

MVP Club president Bruce James has confirmed the latest development, adding that the coaching staff for the 12 time Boys’ Championship winners is being assembled at the moment.

Hawthorne started at Wolmer's Boys in 2016 when he replaced Christopher Harley as head coach for the track and field team.

Prior to that, he spent almost 18 years at St Jago High where he guided the likes of Yohan Blake, Nickel Ashmeade and Riker Hylton. Wolmer's last won the Boys Championship title at the 100th staging of the event in 2010.

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