AMCHAM Jamaica advocates for Jamaica’s duty-free imports in US Federal hearings

The American Chamber of Commerce of Jamaica, appeared before the United States International Trade Commission last week as the commission began its periodic review of the duty-free access of goods from Jamaica and the region to the United States.

AMCHAM Jamaica's chief executive officer, Jodi-Ann Quarrie, represented the Chamber at the hearings on Thursday, where she gave oral testimony defending Jamaica's use of the duty-free regime.

Ms Quarrie also answered questions about potential impediments for Jamaican businesses as the USITC reviews the economic impact of the Caribbean Basin Economic Recovery Act and related programmes. These programmes allow for duty-free imports from designated countries, including Jamaica.

Among the issues discussed were regulatory costs, the difficulty in securing inspections, the insecurity concerning the iterative process of US trade law renewals, female participation in the labour force, and the impact of the Jamaican diaspora.

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