Many businesses planning to spend more on social media advertising

By Javaughn Keyes 
More than 30 per cent of businesses, featured in the last fourth quarter Business Confidence Survey, said they would spend on Social Media Advertising to improve their operations.
Don Anderson, Executive Chairman of Market Research Limited, revealed that the companies surveyed also said they would give priority to virtual security systems.
A closer look at the numbers showed that of the 100 businesses polled, there was a six percentage point drop in the number of businesses which said they would spend on social media advertising compared with the third quarter.
The largest decline in planned technological investment was on new or customised software, which had a 13 per cent dip. Only 15 per cent of businesses had this as a priority.
The largest increase, seven per cent, was for spending on GPS Technology.
Only one per cent of businesses said they had plans to spend on solar energy.

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