OUR approves rate increase for water & sewerage charges offered by Can-Cara

The Office of Utilities Regulation (OUR) has approved a rate increase for water and sewerage charges offered by Can-Cara Development Limited (CDL).
CDL is a privately owned limited liability company, which provides water and sewerage services in some sections of Western Spanish Town, St Catherine, and in the Meadows of Irwin Housing Development in St. James.
In a release, the OUR says, effective May 1, residential account holders will be required to pay $133.08 for every thousand litres of water, up to the first 14,000 litres supplied. 
That's rising from $92.67 for the same quantity. 
In the case of sewerage charges, residential account holders are to now pay $153.70 for the first 14,000 litres of sewage handled.
That's an 82 per cent increase, compared to the previous mark of $84.11 for that same volume of sewage processed.
The OUR says the new rates will remain in effect for no less than two years. 
CDL is expected to apply these new rates to customers' bills issued at the end of 2024 May. 
It says Can-Cara Development Limited's rates were benchmarked against that of the National Water Commission (NWC). 
It says the rates are below those of the NWC for comparable services.
The OUR last approved rates for CDL in January 2018.

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