SSL fraud sparks concern in Jamaica, but T&T not as worried

One expert in Trinidad & Tobago has commented on the multi-million dollar fraud scheme uncovered at Stocks and Securities Limited in Jamaica.

The debacle has raised concerns about the investment market in Jamaica, but it appears that for the moment there are no such concerns about the investment market in the twin-island republic.

Tricia Kissoon, CEO of JMMB Investments Trinidad & Tobago, says clients should continue to be selective about the brokers they choose to do business with.

Miss Kissoon says while some clients in that country did express concern about the Jamaican market, the main focus of JMMB's clients is on other pressing matters such as the ongoing conversion of the Clico Investment Fund, which was officially terminated on January 2.

She admitted that clients have not shared any real concern about the T&T market, but a few have expressed concern for the Jamaican market and the possible investor sentiment setback from the SSL matter.

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