SSL transfers more than J$15B worth of local securities and cash to clients

The body managing the affairs of Stocks & Securities Limited (SSL) says it has transfered more than J$15 billion worth of local securities and cash to clients.
SSL, in a notice published in the Sunday Gleaner, said, as of March 15, it had transfered local securities valued at $14.6 billion and cash totalling $635 million for 245 -clients.
The notice said SSL was no longer processing local transfers of securities
SSL disclosed as well that the process of liquidating overseas securities and have the funds transferred to clients is underway and is expected to be completed by mid April.
According to the Temporary Manager for SSL, the next and final phase will involve the transfer of promisary notes held by clients which were issued by SSL related companies.
This will be subject to the financial conditions of the SSL Group.

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