Supreme Court blocks April 2 implementation of mandatory contactless clearance at Customs

The Customs Brokers and Freight Forwarders Association of Jamaica has obtained a court order to stay the planned April 2 implementation of the Contactless Customs Clearance Policy by the Jamaica Customs Agency.
A review hearing is scheduled for April 25.
The order was handed down by Supreme Court Justice Lorna Shelley-Williams today.
President of the CBFFAJ, Clive Coke, says the Contactless Customs Clearance Policy has been a vexing issue, and the decision to take the matter to court came after patiently advocating for its repeal since 2021, when it was first introduced by Jamaica Customs. 
The brokers say the policy threatens to make their role and functions irrelevant by conducting physical or intrusive inspections of containers of goods without them or the importers they represent being present.

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