Christian groups object inclusion of Professor Richard Albert on Constitutional Reform Committee

Member of the Constitutional Reform Committee, Dr Nadeen Spence says all issues to be decided during the constitutional reform process will be based on broad consensus.

She was responding to concerns expressed by those opposed to the inclusion of Canadian Professor Richard Albert on the committee.

Two Christian-based groups have objected to the inclusion of Professor Albert on the committee. Jamaica CAUSE and the Jamaica Coalition for Healthy Society say professor Albert should be removed because he is a non-national and has a distinct pro-LGBTQ plus and pro-abortion bias.

Chairman of Jamaica Cause, Dr Alvin Bailey, says the law professor can act as a consultant to the committee.

But speaking today on the Morning Agenda on Power 106, Dr Spence said all views should be debated. She also challenged the lobby groups, saying that they are opposed to Professor Albert merely on the conjecture that he can influence the minds of the other committee members.

She says the focus should be on the professor's strengths as an expert on constitutional reform:

But Dr Bailey maintained that the professor should be removed from the committee, despite accepting that other members of the committee may have known biases on controversial issues.

Meanwhile, Dr Spence says the current conversation surrounding the make-up of the Constitutional Reform Committee is not useful for Jamaica's move towards becoming a republic.

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