Corruption within JCF more widespread than officers realize - Montague

National Security Minister Robert Montague has declared that corruption among members of the Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF) may be more widespread than police officers realise.
Addressing the Annual Police Federation Conference recently, Mr. Montague said corruption was not confined to taking bribes. He said the misuse of government property is often overlooked, but it is one of the most common forms of corruption in the force. 
"It is also being involved in lotto scamming; it is also removing the registration tag from service vehicles and using it on your own vehicle. Corruption is also running your own illegal taxi while pressuring licenced taxi operators," he said. 
According to Mr. Montague, officers who turn a blind eye to illegal activities of a colleague, are facilitating corruption. 
"Corruption," he said, "is not serving a warrant on your squaddie for maintenance order, yet your squaddie reports for duty everyday, but he can't be found."
Officers attacked 
Mr. Montague said his office was also taking careful note of the repeated attacks on members of the police force.
He said the process will be fast tracked to acquire appropriate protective gear for officers.

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