Dawes suggests charging fee to use bathrooms at public health facilities

By Halshane Burke 
At least one medical professional is suggesting that public health facilities be given the latitude to devise strategies to maintain restrooms.
Dr. Winston Dawes, former Senior Medical Officer at May Pen Hospital, says a "small fee" should be charged for the use of restrooms at public hospitals and health centres.
Dr. Dawes says a similar system was implemented at May Pen Hospital to maintain the facilities. 
The restroom, he said, was refurbished with modern fixtures and someone was hired to keep the area clean. 
"They would give the people some toilet paper and soap when they needed it and you made a contribution to maintain it."
"This happens in other countries," he suggested, questioning why Jamaicans were "so obsessed with having things free and non-functional rather than even making a small contribution to keep things clean". 
Dr. Dawes said the authorities need to pump more resources into the health facilities as there is competition for funding among areas such as maintenance of toilets, provision of drugs as well as payment of utility bills and salaries.

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