Efforts underway to retrieve body from sinkhole in St. Ann

By Clinton McGregor    
The police along with firefighters and members of the military are still trying to retrieve the body of a man from a sinkhole in York Castle district, St. Ann.
The fire personnel and military have made several unsuccessful attempts to retrieve the body, suspected to be that of 60-year-old Robert Nelson, a farmer of York Castle.
It's reported that on Monday February 19, Mr. Nelson told persons that he was going to his farm.
When he failed to return home, an alarm was raised and a search launched by residents and the police on Saturday.
The search party came up on a sinkhole with a foul odour emanating from it.
A pair of brown shoes believed to belong to Mr. Nelson was seen near the sinkhole.
Radio Jamaica News was informed that a number of firefighters entered the sinkhole and reported that they saw a human body lying face down about 100 ft below.
The firefighters reported experiencing difficulties in retrieving the body.

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